meet fynn, our one and half year old miniature poodle. he is full of personality and it's never a dull moment when he's around. the love i have for this little guy is a bit ridiculous at times... i'm definitely one of those crazy dog ladies. but hey, that's alright, right? ;). i thought he deserved his own little introduction since he will probably be mentioned a lot. so there you go.

flowers to brighten the day


because it was exactly what i needed. thanks mom. xo

a clean room is the best way to prepare for the week


and hopefully it's a good one.

weekend warrior


when you finally have the house to yourself for a weekend you really have to take full advantage of it. i felt like i had two options: to throw some crazy project x kind of party or just totally chill out. and with all my friends away for the weekend i went with the latter (you're welcome parents). so i enjoyed things like long baths with crazy cool bath bombs that had flowers in them and baking cookies just for the fun of it. it was the weekend i knew i wanted, and the one i needed. until next time, perfect weekend.

hey winter


you're not so terrible when you look like this.

beer(s) of the week


an extra light grapefruit beer that doesn't really taste like beer at all and two different pale ales, both from collingwood. i'm becoming more and more of a beer person as the years go by and recently i've been having a lot of fun trying out different craft beers from around the area (aside from this grapefruit beer which is from austria). how cool would it be to try and test out a new beer or two every week? i think that's a trend i can get on board with.

less is more


one of my 'resolutions' this year is to buy less. it's so easy to get caught up in the idea that you need the newest $50 cleanser that just came on the market, or the nicest $300 pair of designer jeans... two things that i'm ashamed to admit that i've fallen to. as a 21 year old student who works 7 hours a week... i honestly can't afford the lifestyle that i've been living for the last couple of years, and as much as society tries to convince me that this is the way i should or have to live my life, it's really not true. 

so this weekend i spent the last of my christmas money on my (well, hopefully) last 'frivolous' purchase for a while. i've been wanting the urban decay 'naked' eyeshadow pallet for a while now and i finally decided to just go for it with some of the christmas money i got over the holidays. so now it's time to stop shopping at sephora... or the mall in general and learn to be content with what i have (which i really great, i think it's easy to take for granted what you currently have when you're always looking out for the next best thing). 

so we'll see how this goes... hopefully it's not too hard ;).



my name is liz. i often find myself doing things on my own, hence the name 'lone wolf liz'. i love documenting life whether it be through writing or taking pictures... or a combination of the two. blogging has become somewhat of a hobby of mine and i thought it would be nice to start fresh with a new blog for the new year. 

so let's get this thing started.  

- liz, xo