brother and sister


just another typical day with these two, always play fighting together over one toy or another.

another trip planning update


my cousin and i met up yesterday evening to start planning out our trip. it all still feels a little surreal to me... did i really just spontaneously decide that i wanted to travel and it's actually coming together and going to happen? it seems the answer is yes. 

i'll be honest, the whole process so far is really overwhelming me. it didn't really hit me until tonight that we have 8 weeks to plan a whole 2 week vacation. ah. what was i thinking? 

but i digress. back to our meeting... 

our meeting went really well! we figured out dates we want to travel, where we want to go, a tentative schedule, and we even booked our flight! it's official now!!! 

so crazy, so exciting. i can't wait. now i just need to remember to breathe and calmly get through the whole trip planning process. it's a funny thing, i absolutely love planning trips, but for some reason this one's making me extra nervous... or maybe i'm just extra excited, who knows? ;) 

early morning hockey practice


this picture was taken a few weeks back when i was driving my sister to her early morning hockey practice. as someone who considers getting up at 10 early, driving her at 6am is not something i would generally be super excited about. but watching the sunrise out in the country makes it a little bit more bearable. also, the company's not bad ;).

trip update: europe 2015


so this is officially happening, and i cannot stress enough how excited i am!!! i pitched the idea to my cousin today and she sounds like she's definitely in! so now i can officially say i am planning a trip to europe for this spring! wow, it's so crazy that it's actually coming together.

now we just need to get fun things like dates, and flights, and where we're going and where we're staying figured out and we'll be golden.

and even the idea of doing all that work to prep for the trip makes me happy because it means we'll be one step closer to actually going. i honestly can't wait!

birthday dinner at the works


this past weekend we celebrated my youngest sister's birthday at the works. it's becoming a bit of a tradition to go their for her birthday and i'm not complaining. i ordered the sk8r boy burger - cheese, bacon, and peanut butter. it doesn't sound like it, but it's actually the best combination! just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back asap.

valentine's day for one


^ the cutest cookies from honey bake shop ^

this year, like many years before, i celebrated valentine's day alone. i really shouldn't say alone though, because i spent the day with my family. i woke up to flowers, chocolate, and an awesome card from my sister. then i spent most of the day shopping with my mom and ended the day off with an amazing dinner that both my parents worked on and watched breakfast at tiffany's for the first time! it was surprisingly the perfect day. you know those days when everyone gets along and things just seem really great? that's basically how i would sum up my valentine's day this year.

POP of colour


sweater: old navy | lipstick: mac 'snob'

despite the fact that they are saying we are suppose to have record low temperatures this coming weekend, i can't help but feel like spring is right around the corner. and with that i've been almost craving pops of colour that are totally different than the grey on grey on grey i've been wearing for the last... 2 years or so ;). 

also kind of on a side note, i've been super impressed with old navy lately. like seriously, i think it might be one of my favourite stores at the moment. so good job old navy, keep doing you.

planning a trip to...


^ throwback to february 2010 at the tower of london with my sister ^


i've had the urge to travel for quite some time now, but i'm finally deciding to act on it. although plans are still very much up in the air, and for all i know this could totally fall through, i'm planning on going to england this spring/summer.

i haven't been since 2010, when my sister and i ventured over to check out oxford and london. travelling overseas was honestly the trip of a lifetime for me! i have never so instantly felt "at home" than when i was over there. i even felt more of a culture shock coming back to canada than when i arrived in england.

so when i started thinking about where i wanted to travel this time around, it was an easy choice.

i've thought about it a bit, and this time around i'd love to travel a bit more around the u.k/europe since everything is so close and it's relatively easy to get to. so i plan on traveling to:

- oxford, england
- london, england
- glasgow, scotland
- isle of skye, scotalnd
- amsterdam, netherlands

it's so exciting just looking into things to get a vague idea of prices/what looks interesting and i really hope that things work out. i'll keep you posted on how the travel planning goes. 

national pizza day


to be totally honest i'm not the biggest pizza fan. it usually ends up making me feel sick but for some reason whenever someone suggests it i'm always in. so yesterday when my brother told me it was national pizza day i couldn't say no. it was definitely worth it! so so so good. happy national pizza day!



our winter seems to really have hit full force as of february. and as much as that disappoints me because it means this cold weather will probably drag on for far too long, i have to admit it is kind of pretty - and if it means i can justify more hot chocolates and comfort food i'm 100% okay with it... okay maybe like 60% ;). 

anyways, i was walking home from the gym this afternoon and couldn't help but appreciate the snow covered trees at a park nearby. so as soon as i got home i grabbed my camera and fynn and we headed out to snap a few quick pictures. 

this little guy is definitely happiest when he's out walking. recently his favourite thing to do is jump in all the snow piles and follow trails of whatever animal had been there before. i think if he could, he would spend all day wandering around the city.

dineen coffee co


this weekend i decided to make a bit of an impulse trip to toronto. a friend from montreal was down visiting and it was so nice to catch up with her for a few hours. after wandering around queen west with her i met up with my sister and we checked out the cutest coffee shop, dineen coffee. i was in the mood for hot chocolate and it was delicious! we got there just before closing so we were only able to stay for a few minutes but i wish we could have stayed longer. i really do appreciate a charming coffee shop and this was exactly that. 5 stars in my opinion (or whatever the highest rating is you can give to a coffee shop). 

oh and did i mention we had chipotle for dinner? it's safe to say i was in food and drink heaven that day ;).

snow day


we got around 30 cm of snow last night and this little guy is loving every minute of it. it's pretty funny to watch him jump around in snow that is almost the same height as him (and he isn't phased one bit).