day eight: recovery day in oxford


^ flowers from edinburgh ^

after such a whirlwind trip in scotland, we took today to just hang out and run a few errands. i slept in, took my time getting ready, headed into town to pick up some gifts, had a nice dinner with the family, and then picked up my cousin's friend who will be staying with us for the next few days! 

the pacing of this trip has been really important. we've been really smart about having a couple busy days and then a rest day in between. crazy to think this trip is almost halfway over! :)

day seven: exploring edinburgh


^ edinburgh castle. the hike to get up there is a bit insane. you know you're walking up a steep hill when there is a hand rail by the sidewalk ^
^ arthur's seat. we never made it up there (after walking around for 6 hours we just didn't have it in us ;) ), but if i ever go back and have more time that is definitely on the list of things to do! ^
^ classic tourist shot in front of the castle ^
^ walking the royal mile ^
^ stopped in the cutest tea shop to avoid some of the rain and sit down for a bit ^
^ the outside of holyrood palace. you couldn't take pictures inside but it was insane! probably my favourite thing we did in edinburgh ^
^ checking out holyrood abbey ^
^ holyrood palace is right against the hills where arthur's seat is. kind of a breathtaking backyard ^
^ view of scotland from the castle ^
^ church in the castle ^

so edinburgh was amazing! we only had a short time there (2 days, 1 night) so we tried to make the most of it! the first day we got there we walked up to the castle and then walked around the royal mile. we also walked around princes street (there main street) and finally called in a night around 8. 

the next morning we got up bright and early and checked out of our hotel room. i'm glad i packed light because carrying around a heavy bag all day would have been a nightmare. the first thing we did was check out the castle. we were a bit hestitant to go in so we ended up walking down the royal mile to holyrood palace. on our way there we stopped into a tearoom to grab a cup of tea. it was hands down the most charming place i've been to since being over here. my cousin and i both agreed we need to open up are own tea room. ;) 

we finally made it to holyrood palace and toured around. it was really great! i learned a lot about it and it was definitely one of my favourite parts of the trip! after checking out the palace we walked back up to the castle and explored around there. it was pretty cool to check it all out, but to be honest i was a little underwhelmed. don't get me wrong, it was still really cool but i liked holyrood a lot more. 

then we went down to the main street and checked out a bunch of tourist shops and finally caught our bus back to the airport. 

i'm really glad we made the decision to go! i fell in love with scotland more than i was expecting to and i want to go back soon and explore the country more!

day six: edinburgh


so we made a bit of an impulsive decision to go to scotland for a couple of days! it was absolutely breathtaking, and definitely the highlight of the trip for me so far. we arrived in the afternoon and these are a few pictures of the first things we saw walking around the city. 

still a bit surreal that this is my life... :)

day five: chill day in oxford


today was a bit more of a chill day here. we slept in, went shopping, made a nice lunch, and then met up with my cousin for dinner/ a night out at the pub. a much appreciated day after a bit of craziness ;).

day four: london


london, london, london.... i found it to be a bit underwhelming, although i wasn't really in the "exploring" mood today so that probably had a lot to do with it. i woke up feeling very sleep deprived. i got car sick on the way to london. and then felt sick the rest of the day. not exactly how you want to be feeling for 6 hours of walking around right? ;)

despite not feeling my best, we still saw a lot! we started off our day at the british museum, grabbed lunch from a grocery store and ate in a park in the nicest neighbourhood beside the museum. after lunch we walked over to trafalgar square. from there we saw were the prime minister lives, big ben, westminister abbey, and the london eye. then we wanted to make our way back to the bus station but took a detour through pickadilly circus and spent about an hour looking through liberty - the most insane department store i've ever been in.

then we made our way back to notting hill to get the bus back to oxford. it was nice to see so much, and i'm hoping i'm feeling much better tomorrow for our shopping day in oxford!

day three: blenheim palace


 ^ our friend poppy. she sits outside and models her collars. quite the salesperson ^

we decided to tackle blenheim palace today. it's about a twenty minute bus ride and once we arrived i lost count how many times i used the word "grand" to describe the site. while we there they were setting up for a wedding and my cousin and i couldn't help but think how incredible it would be to have a wedding in a real life palace. neat!

after exploring the interior we toured around the gardens for a while. we could have spent the whole day just walking around the property, it seemed to go on for miles and miles. eventually though our feet gave in and we stopped in and had some lunch. i had a nice bit of chicken and layered potato and it was just what we needed. also fun fact: they allow dogs in some pubs, so the cutest little puppy came in and sat down at the table behind us. if we could bring the policy back home that'd be great ;).

after touring around woodstock we headed back to oxford and just had a quiet night. we were both pretty tired and are getting ready to head to london tomorrow so that was a good idea!

and now to plan out exactly what we will be doing tomorrow. have a good night :)