end of an era


well the day has finally come to say goodbye to my trusted iphone 4 {thanks to a rather uncoordinated day on my behalf and a concrete floor that did not agree with my phone}. is it weird to feel so attached to something that really isn't that important? because suddenly i'm thinking about all the stuff this iphone 4 and i have been through.... graduating highschool, starting university, getting lost at disneyland {a highlight in the iphone's life}. but i guess all good things must come to an end, as they say.

and i'm maybe just a little excited to be moving on to the iphone 6. i mean the camera on that thing alone will knock your socks off. just don't tell the little old iphone 4 that ;).

morning tip


if you ever find yourself having a rough morning {aka me almost every morning}, i really recommend going outside first thing and watch dogs play around. this morning for example after i slept in a few hours later than i would have liked and was trying desperately to forget about my midterm this afternoon, i grabbed myself a lukewarm cup of coffee {courtesy of sleeping in hours after my parents had started the coffee maker}, sat myself down on our back deck, and watched duke and fynn run around the backyard. preferable toys this morning included a chewed up plastic plant container and a piece of wood. it's hard to stay in a bad mood when you're watching these little guys fight over important things like who can hold onto a piece of chewed up plastic the longest. 

hope everyone has a good morning, and an even better day!

one of my favourite things


are these flowers. and as i was going through my iphoto stream and this blog i was surprised the two had not met. so blog, meet this picture of one of my favourite flowers. flowers, blog.

may 24


i'm a bit late posting about our may 24 weekend (celebrated last weekend), but i had a great time! this year i celebrated with friends. i hosted a bbq, we lit off a ton of fireworks (my favourite being roman candles), and then we all hung out for a while. the long weekend always feels like a bit of a kickoff for summer. i am so excited to see what this summer has in store! :)

the last of oxford


oxford. with it’s charming cobblestone roads and never ending history, i think a part of me will always love this place. our last day was perhaps one of my favourites. we toured around a few more colleges and ended the night with dinner out and then drinks at a pub with family. the conversation that night was perfect. with words coming easily courtesy of british beer, prosecco, bellini's, and limoncello, we could have talked for hours. 

looking back on this trip i am so grateful to have gone. the sights we saw were beyond perfect and being with family for the majority of the trip made imagining living there easy. hopefully i will be back again soon. until then, xo 



they say there’s no feeling like home, and after returning from my trip i can whole heartily agree. the anticipation was building on the drive home. passing familiar landmarks were all a tease to finally walking in my front door. 

i can remember clearly finally getting inside after lugging all my bags up the front steps. hearing the door close behind me, i took a deep breath. ah, the smell of home. there’s really nothing like it, am i right? smelling the comforting musty smell of our house after it’s been empty for a while, listening to the neighbours playing in their backyard, the sound of people mowing their lawn in the background. this is home, i thought to myself. 

the following days have been somewhat of an extended vacation. late nights with friends, drinking sparkling wine outside on the front porch in the early evening. living in the world of nicholas sparks before my eyes become too tired to read.

if this is any indication on how the rest of the summer is going to be, well then summer, i welcome you with open arms. 

i hope everyone has an amazing long weekend. i for one am beyond excited for lighting off fireworks and catching up with friends. 

vous voir la prochaine fois, Paris!


we are now back in england, and it's crazy to think that just this morning we were waking up in paris. our last day was short and sweet. we started early and headed over to the catacombs. unfortunalety, we didn't anticipate such a long line (it basically wrapped around a block) so we decided to skip that and grab breakfast at a bakery instead. we then headed over to la galerie lafayette, which is basically a huge department store (pictured above). it was basically a dream come true with every designer brand you could possibly think of right in front of you. in retrospect i wish we had stayed longer, although it was probably for the best that we didn't because i could have easily seen myself spending lots of money there.

after the mall we headed over to the eiffel tower for one last look. we found a much better spot to take pictures this time around and avoided the double chin angle to get both the tower and ourselves in the picture ;).

after the eiffel tower we went out for a late lunch and then started making our way back to london. i'm so glad we went to paris, and i can't believe it's over now. only a couple more days left on vacation, it's crazy how time flies.

palace of versailles


today we ventured out to versailles! as per usual we got turned around a few times trying to actually get there (i swear i will never understand transit here), but we made it.

the palace was a bit surreal to be honest. very ornate and over-the-top, and it kept reminding me of something you would see at disney or used as a prop, except this was the real deal. we spent most of the afternoon touring around the palace and the gardens. the weather was perfect and it made walking around awesome :).

the only... interesting thing about versailles were the crowds. now, i wasn't expecting the place to be empty, but there must have been 15 tour buses packed of people who conveniently got in around the same time we did. add on the school tours that were also going on and it was one packed palace. luckily once we got outside to the gardens and over to the "smaller" apartments i enjoyed it a lot more.

after versailles we headed back to the notre dame/saint germain area and did a bit of shopping. we stopped for dinner at my favourite restaurant so far. i ordered steak with an onion sauce and potatoes and got panna cotta for dessert. it was to die for. seriously, i will die thinking about that food. and it was really cheap too!

on our way back from dinner we walked by a pub called "the great canadian pub". it was nice to see a little bit of canada here on our travels ;). as much as i'm enjoying my time away i am really looking forward to being back at home in canada.

only a few more days left on our trip.... excited to see as much as possible! :)

paris is always a good idea


bonjour de paris! hello from paris!

we are nearing the end of our europe trip, and one of our last stops is paris! it has been a hectic first day here to say the least. we got off on the wrong foot when we got turned around leaving the train station and a 10 minute walk to our hotel turned into an hour.

things picked up a bit once we dropped off our bags and finally found our way to city centre (which also took much longer than it should have). we saw a lot considering we were only out for a few hours. we started with notre dame, walked over to arc de pons (with all the locks on it), checked out the exterior of the louvre, and ended the day with the eiffel tower.

the scenery and vibe of being in the city centre is amazing, and i was so happy to be there. the getting around the city part still hasn't won me over though. hopefully our second day is a bit smoother.

roman baths in bath


bath! i really enjoyed walking around the city, a lot more than i was expecting to. as we were driving into the city advertisements about "retiring in bath" started to pop up, and i feel like it set the scene nicely. bath really was the perfect retirement kind of city- quaint, quiet, and charming.

we started out the day at the roman baths. it was really neat to see, definitely different from anything we had seen on our trip so far. my only problem with it was that i found it really claustrophobic and crowded. i guess you win some and lose some. after that we stopped for lunch and then walked up to the royal crescent, which is a really dramatic set of townhouses that are formed in a crescent shape. it was pouring rain when we got there so i couldn't really take too many good pictures, but it was surprisingly stunning in person. oh, and before that we stopped in a neighbourhood that was built in a circle form which was also really cool!

on our way back to the bus station we walked by a park that had live music playing from a gazebo. i had to stop and take a picture because it was just too perfect. the rain had stopped and all the colours were super saturated. the music was playing. the scenery was great. perfect ending to the day :)