summer braids


lately i've been trying to step up my hair game from the usual roll-out-of-bed style i've been rocking the last month. i've been inspired by this blog to try out some new things {she's basically the braiding queen in my opinion}, and surprisingly they've been working out pretty well. 

try asking for "balayage ombre hair" and not sound pretentious


it's almost impossible right? but nonetheless that's exactly what i asked for when i tried out a new hair salon last week. and much to my surprise {i have the worst luck with hairdressers} i actually really love it. in fact i want it even more balayage ombred {if that's a thing people ask for?}. yay for summer hair! :)

is it october or?


because with chilly rainy days that were best spent inside baking creme brule french toast {check out the link and give the recipe a try, you can thank me later ;)} and drinking an endless amount of tea while burning my favourite fall candle, it sure felt like it. 

i was able to justify wearing cozy sweaters and boots and a jacket. it was like a gift from God. 

weekends to follow: please copy and paste this weekend for future success, because this was perfect.

rock this country | shania twain


you know what's the best? last minute concert tickets that's what. even better when they're for a shania twain concert and you get to relive a part of your childhood by belting out all her hits. 

also side note: if i look half as good as shania when i'm 50 i will be over the moon. serious goals there.

race day | 10km classic


so this weekend my mom, sister, and i ran our first ever race! the race is called the 10km classic, but they have three distances (3km, 5km, and 10km) and since this was our first race and we didn't 'train' at all we went with the 3km.

and despite not training at all and self admittedly being so out of shape, i was really impressed at how well we did. we completed it in half the time we thought it would take and were able to run most of the time {the last uphill bit was my downfall}. we all thought this would be the first and last race we ever did, but as soon as we finished we found ourselves looking at flyers for our next opportunity to shine. it looks like we might just have to sign up for the oktoberfest run... but we'll see how we feel about it in a few months.

happy monday!

weekend round up


you know those weekends where you do a lot of stuff but it doesn't really feel like you accomplished much? i think that's how i would sum up this weekend. it was jammed packed with stuff like cooking and baking and going on a date {what?!} and running a 3km race and work. lots of work. but despite doing all of that i kind of feel like nothing got done. 

my room is still a mess. my laundry pile doubled instead of disappeared. and i still have a long list of pesky errands to run. 

but come mid afternoon when the temperature is perfect and the sun is shining through the leaves, somehow the ending "to do" list of feeling of being unproductive doesn't seem so bad. 

i hope everyone had a great weekend {and enjoyed celebrating father's day!!!}. is everyone ready for monday? i know i definitely am not. just kidding. monday's going to be great right? right.

the time i tried to make a proper lunch


so i have a few days until my final exam and that basically means that this week has been a disaster food wise. i doesn't help that we've celebrated two birthdays within four days which translates to cake for breakfast everyday. let me tell you, it's not as charming as kate spade makes it sound. 

so i've been feeling pretty disappointed in myself for always skipping out on meals. (it's literally been cake, cheese and crackers, and mcdonald's take out... i wish i was joking). so today, despite the fact that i really should be devoting all my time and effort into learning about physiology, i decided to try and make a proper lunch. 

it's not even done yet, but i'm almost an hour and a half in. and all i have to show for it is half cooked chicken and mashed potatoes that are so crunchy it's really not pleasant. this is taking foreverrrrrrr. so lesson learned: when it comes to finals cooking + me don't mix. i'm adding pizza places to my speed dial as i speak. (btw, do people still use speed dial or is that long gone?).

summer shoe haul


i want to start this post off by saying doesn't everyone line their shoes up on their desk and take pictures of them? no? shocking ;). 

anyways.... to the point. i haven't bought summer shoes in... years. so this summer after i destroyed the last pair of sandals i still had it became quite apparent that i needed to fix that situation. so yesterday i sucked it up and decided to invest in some new shoes. i say invest because it definitely ended up being way more than i thought it would be. but at the end of the day i came home with all the summer shoes i could possibly want. so yeah, that was my saturday.

it's friday!!!


congratulations, we made it through the week. and it really is a friday for me because i have tomorrow off!! i'm spending my time before work cleaning all the things i've been putting off all week {mostly my room}, catching up on laundry, and also binge watching community. i kind of wish i was joking, but this is as thrilling as my life is going to get today.

also i'm missing paris today. so i made my morning cup of tea in my paris mug and placed it down on my desk and realized i had my eiffel tower figurine and polaroid already there. take me back to paris, please!

coffee shop mornings and afternoons and evenings


basically i am at this coffee shop always. but i'm not complaining one bit! if it can make studying physiology a little bit more enjoyable i am all for it. also i kind of just love being here because the decor is on point. not to mention the coffee. coffee is the best. i feel like it's one of those things that even if it's bad it's still good. make sense? 

happy thursday! we're almost to the weekend. almost. but who's counting? definitely not me.

messy outfit post


sweater: free people {on sale!}| jeans: old navy | boots: sam edelman 

things that are messy about this outfit post: 

- pictures may or may not have been taken at 1 am 
- wool turtleneck sweaters and summer weather don't ever mix 
- the duck face that decided to happen when taking pictures {i'm judging myself} 
- messy room... but when is that not the case? 
- that second pose.... what even was i thinking?!?

redeeming points about this outfit post: 

- i actually did my hair {!!!} 
- it's a turtleneck wool sweater.... i mean, if you had to make a sweater that represented me this would be it 
- it makes me wish it was fall and i could wear this all day every day



for the last 10 years or so i've had a love hate relationship with my glasses. i've never needed to wear them all the time, more so when i get headaches or am reading for long periods of time {or maybe when they go with an outfit... let's be honest}. but lately it's been a bit of a different story. i've been finding myself grabbing for them more and more, not for comfort but for necessity. the world seems to be a whole lot blurrier without them, and being able to actually see what's going on around is always nice ;). 

so i guess i now it's time to embrace them and become a more "full time" glasses wearer. yay. okay, i'm sure it will grow on me.... but for now i kind of feel like i jumped on the fake hipster glasses train and everyone give me weird looks when wearing them... or maybe that's just me..

and we're going to end on that note. happy wednesday!

the perfect night


if you had to ask me what my idea of a perfect night would be it might be pretty close to what's going on right now. right now, i have been blessed with heavy rain that is in no rush to end. a cool breeze coming in through the window is refreshing after a hot and muggy afternoon. everything is quiet aside from the falling rain. and i have the pleasure of putting on my most comfortable sweatpants {and kanye west concert tshirt} and curling up in bed to enjoy it all. it's simple moments like this that i live for. one am on a tuesday morning has never been better.

goodnight xo

advisor of the year!


top row {from left to right}: red velvet, oreo, raspberry champagne
bottom row {from left to right}: salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate

saturday night was all about celebrating my dad's achievement of winning canadian advisor of the year! i am so proud of him, and what better way to show it than with cupcakes? and not just any old cupcakes. honey bake shop cupcakes, where i'm convinced they put some sort of magical ingredients in the them because they are 10/10 the best cupcakes i have ever had. yum!

summer evenings


 hat: h&m | sweater: talula {old} similar | top: h&m mens | jeans: old navy | boots: sam edelman 

here's a solid attempt at capturing an outfit. of course my dogs are playing together in the background. and that second pose.... who even knows what's going on there. but we're going to go with it.

i am finding summer super hard to dress for. please tell me i'm not the only one who doesn't particularly enjoy shorts, or dresses, or anything practical really for hot weather. but summer evenings? summer evenings i like because it's cool enjoy to justify wearing layers. and i liiiiiive for layers. layers are happy.

also a complete side note, but guess who has a day off!?! this girl right here. a whole saturday free from work and school. this doesn't come around often so i feel like i really need to take advantage of it. i'm trying to come up with something fun or productive to do... right now it's a toss up between cleaning out my closet or having a movie marathon by myself. the movie marathon sounds much more fun though, let's be honest.

happy thursday!

i'm watching the twilight series for the second time in a row


and that pretty much sums up how this week has been going. all i've wanted to do is curl up in my bed and watch bella and edward {and really the whole cast} be the most awkward ever. it's terrible, but i can't stop watching because it's also so good. does that make sense? i hope so.

tonight after yet another mediocre shift at work i bought myself some peonies. a whole $20 worth of peonies in fact. and also some treats from mcdonalds, because why not? and after all of this indulgence i've decided that after tonight i am not going to allow myself to wallow anymore. it's time to start getting things back in order. starting with cleaning my room. and laundry. and getting caught up on homework. tomorrow is going to be fun. i can sense it already.

this is exciting


our peonies are starting to grow! like really grow, and by that i mean they are finally starting to look like flowers and not just stems and leaves that are totally boring {i'm a bit impatient with this whole process}. also, the flowers are totally resembling the snitch from quidditch. i'm not even a harry potter fan, but this is all i can think about when i see them {especially in that first picture}.

and now you guys are filled in on what i'm excited about today. hope everyone else has as thrilling a day as me. ;)