oh hello...


another awkward photobooth selfie where my hair has taken over my face {what else is new}, because why not?

has it really been a week since i last post here? that seems way too long ago, my apologies. i just got back to lindsay after a weekend away back home. with only a few days home my idea was to try and cram in as many things as possible. but you know how it is, you always have these grand ideas going in and in reality i'm pretty sure i spent most of my time on netflix or pinterest. but it was well intentioned ;). i did get to go out for dinner at my favourite mexican place in town, and then grabbed drinks at a charming brewery. and enjoyed late night grilled cheese and watched paper towns and had more late night frozen yogurt and enjoyed a walk in one of my favourite parks, and then quiet mornings spent at my favourite coffee shop journaling away. 

after typing that all out i now realize that a majority of my weekend was spent eating out, oops. except sorry not sorry is what i should really be saying because i don't regret it one bit

i really hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. i'm weirdly excited to be back in lindsay. it's feeling more and more like home every day i'm here. i like the quiet routine that i've developed here. the quirky things i do here like champagne friday's or watching british murder mystery shows on repeat all day everyday have become some of the things i love the most. 

this week is hopefully going to be a fun and productive one. i have plans to actually make it the gym and workout {!!!}, and get out of the house and explore more of what lindsay has to offer {i'm excited about that one because i really don't know what there is to do here but i'm determined to find at least one cool thing}, and then did i mention it's the long weekend this weekend {triple !!!!!!!!!}. and i promise to blog about all of that, and hopefully make it sound as interesting as possible, because that's the goal with this whole blogging thing, right? at least that's the idea. 

so happy monday everyone!

and congratulations to you if you made it to the end of this long post about nothing in particular. 

/// oh and for those of you dying to know how my eczema struggle is going {i know you're all on the edge of your seat ;)} it is going much better and almost cleared up, thank the lord! 

eczema struggles


wild photobooth selfies because i'm going craaaaazy and also because you really don't want to see a picture of my messed up skin

for anyone who's ever had eczema before, i sympathize with you! i'm having a real bad flare up right now (tmi?) and it is brutal. it really makes you realize how often you take things for granted. like i would kill to have this skin thing all cleared up and not feel like my hand is on fire 24/7, and this is just a small thing.

anyways.... rant over. i hope everyone had a great monday.... or as good of a monday as anyone can have because i mean, it's monday. i'm excited because this week is a short work week for me (hooray for flexible work hours that means long weekends almost every other weekend!) and i'm going back home and can't wait to see friends and family (and my dogs because i'm a crazy dog lady at heart). is it thursday yet?

port perry getaway


port perry may be the only place that has a petting zoo beside a grocery store. also the food at piano cafe is amazing. i think i'll be craving their panini's for forverrrrrrrrr.

hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

holy sunset


this almost makes up for the crazy heat we've been having this weekend. almost.

life with liz in lindsay!


image found on tumblr

some things i've noticed about life in the small town of lindsay so far...

+ talking about hunting or casually shooting at things {for example off your deck at night as a pastime} is totally acceptable

+ when you order french fries it's custom that you always order gravy on the side

+ smokers are a thing? like smoking meat. everybody either talks about having one or wanting one.

+ monster trucks. not anything crazy, but some pretty tall wheels on an otherwise normal truck. i road in one the other day and let me tell you it is a totally unique experience. having to literally climb into a vehicle is different. so is your attitude when you're driving around. like you don't really care about other drivers because you're in a monster truck and you will win in any situation, hands down.

+ impulsive petting zoos in the local park happen, because why not?

+ the locals are awesome. every morning we stop and talk to our friend charlie {who is probably in his 80s}. he drives around in his red pickup truck and drinks his coffee in the parking lot while talking to everyone heading into work. and today i got not one, but three winks from him.

it's a little different than what i'm use to, but i find it charming and surprisingly like small town life a lot more than i thought i would.

happy wednesday, we're halfway through the work week {yay!}.

work update


image found on pinterest

ah, the life of a working girl. i've never worked in a 9-5 kind of place, and these are a few of the things that i've learned from the first few days:

+ getting up at the same time every day is interesting. like what is a morning routine? since when do i eat breakfast food at a normal breakfast hour {and not at 2am}

+ speaking of which, staying up late is no longer a thing. if i'm up past 12, things are getting wild

+ work outfits. i am a big fan of picking out my own outfits... who knew dressing yourself could be so exciting. {so long grocery store uniform}. and not having to wear my hair in a ponytail everyday. bless. also, i kind of love that my office is what i would call business casual casual. anything goes as long as it's relatively pulled together and not denim.

+ answering the phones is both terrifying and exciting. terrifying because i usually don't know what to do/or say the wrong thing. but exciting because it's something new and sometimes goes well? does that make sense?

+ also i love converting files into an electric file. i could sit there all day listening to my music typing away. love.

+ one hour lunch breaks are the best thing to happen ever. this whole i don't have to always tell someone where i am and worry about if i'm a minute early or late is something i could really get use to

+ the fact that working 9-5 usually works out to 9-4:30 is always a nice surprise at the end of the day

so far things seem to be working out pretty well, despite not knowing anything about law and feeling like i'm messing up every 0.4 seconds. but it's good. at least i hope.

here's to the last day of the work week tomorrow{did i mention i get friday off? woo hoo!!}.

happy wednesday everyone!

new adventure


so this summer is going to be a little bit different than years previous because i have decided to move to a small country town and work at a law office {!!!} instead of the usual grocery store summer job. 

i'm so excited to be working normal hours {goodbye shift work} and actually get into a routine for once! 

so here's to a new job in a new town. can't wait to see what's in store.



summer's + amusement parks are the best combination. especially when summer weather doesn't exactly show up, which means no one shows up, which means zero lines for all the rides. and that my friends, makes for a great day at canada's wonderland. 

we rode every ride at least once. a few a lot more than once. we snacked on funnel cake, rode the carousel, and had the phrase "the louder you scream, the higher you'll go" stuck in our heads the whole day. 

overall, it was a successful family trip out. A+ joneses.