foggy fall mornings


i woke up this morning to see leaves that seemed to have burst in colour overnight and the perfect misty fog covering the park in my backyard. it's little things like this that make monday mornings just a little bit more bearable. this weather is a bit deceiving though because it totally looks like fall outside, so when i got dressed this morning in knee high boots, a wool sweater, and a rain coat to head out and run errands i thought i was good. forward to half an hour later and it felt like the middle of summer. seriously, humidity where did you come from?! so there i was walking back from the grocery store trying to balance a way too heavy grocery bag and a cup of hot coffee, feeling as if i was in some tropical rainforest or something. it was messy, but such is life. also can we discuss the fact that it's almost october!!! where did september go, time is flying by way too quickly.

a public service announcement: the best lasagna recipe


* photo from the daily crave blog

i had a ton of leftover shredded chicken from dinner last night and went to pinterest today to try and search up a recipe to use it. i came across this recipe from the daily crave blog, and i had to blog about it myself because it was so good! since living on my own, cooking for myself has been hit and miss... with perhaps a few more fails than wins ;). but this lasagna... guys, it's AMAZING! and super easy to make! i've copied the recipe down below if anyone want to give it a try. it takes about an hour all in and will leave your whole house smelling great. hope you enjoy it as much as i did! :)

Roasted Chicken, Rosemary & Goat Cheese Lasagna
  • 8 cooked lasagna sheets
  • 1 1.5 lb roasted chicken, meat pulled off and shredded (about 3 cups shredded chicken)
  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter
  • ¼ cup flour
  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 2 large stalks fresh rosemary (about 3 tsp), roughly chopped
  • 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
  • kosher salt and pepper
  • 2 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella (2 cups plus ½ cup)
  • 8oz goat cheese log
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Cook the lasagna sheets and set aside while you prepare the sauce.
In a large saucepan melt butter over medium heat.  Whisk in flour and cook to make a roux, about 2 minutes.  While whisking slowly add the milk.  Add the rosemary, nutmeg and 1 tsp kosher salt, and cook stirring occasionally until thickened, about 5 minutes.  Turn heat off and stir in 2 cups of the mozzarella until smooth. Check seasoning, add more salt as needed, and add pepper.
Across the bottom of a greased 8×8 pan, spoon about ¼ cup of b├ęchamel sauce (just to cover the bottom), ¼ of the chicken, ¼ of the goat cheese and then arrange 2 cooked noodles next to each other on top (you may have to trim the lasagna sheets if you are using the standard length).  Repeat this three more times, ending with a layer of noodles on top.  Top with remaining ½ cup cheese, cover tightly with foil and bake for about 35-40 minutes or until the noodles are tender.  Remove foil and place under the broiler to brown the cheese on top. 

about last week


this past week has been one of those weeks that just seems to be getting worse and worse. and just when you think things can't possibly get any worse they do, like you totally ruin one of your brand new sweaters because apparently putting something in the wash on 'delicate' is not the same as hand washing it. or you start getting a cold. and your finger gets infected {because i'm pretty sure that's a thing now}. and then your toilet breaks. and you still can't get through your to do list. oh, and did i mention school is a thing too and how the heck am i suppose to keep up with that? and then all of those little things just add up and it's a lot.

so anyways, that's where i'm at right now. probably won't be blogging much this week fyi.

early fall park adventures


went on a little walk around the park this morning with my sister. we're reaching that part of the year when fall is just around the corner, seriously guys it's so close i can taste it! also, sister sleepovers are the best!! we ate lots of mexican food at our favourite taco place, had a cozy movie night in {we watched maleficent} and then went to tim hortons for breakfast {and i tried cream cheese on a bagel for the first time... i know, i know} and then this park adventure. seriously, this weekend has been pretty amazing so far.

distracting myself from a terrible day with dreams about toronto


yesterday was kind of a terrible day, and i guess those kinds of days happen every now and again. but they still kind of suck don't they? nothing bad even really happened, but with stuff scheduled back to back for 12 hours it was an exhausting day. and i wish i could say that after a night's sleep i feel so much better and ready to tackle anything, but that would totally be a lie. because when i woke up this morning i still had money problems to worry about. and my apartment still wasn't clean. and i still had school work to catch up on.

in other news, i can't stop thinking about the distillery district in toronto {random right?}. i went there around this time last year when my sister was living in toronto and it was honestly one of my favourite times being in the city. i'm missing brick covered everything and eating at the best mexican place i've ever been too. i'm missing early mornings snacking on blurberry scones from the best bakery. {there are a lot of best's in the distillery district}. and i'm missing wandering up and down brick laid streets with hardly anyone else around on the most perfect chilly cloudy saturday. maybe a little toronto trip needs to be added to my schedule within the next few weeks.

dinner for one


once a week i'm trying to embrace the domestic side of me and make a proper meal that is not eaten on the sofa while watching the office on netflix ;). this week i made pulled chicken with pickled onion and roasted potato. i'd like to say it was amazing but... i'm still figuring out how to use my oven and how to cook full meals, so while the chicken was great, the pickled onion was bland and the potatoes were undercooked. but A for effort right?

fall capsule wardrobe: week one


after reading about the whole idea of a capsule wardrobe here i was inspired to give it a try myself. i spent a couple weeks weeding down my closet to 37 pieces for this fall and i thought it would be a good idea to document what i come up with. so here is week one... hope you enjoy the iphone selfies ;). 

weekend roundup


hello friends. i hope you all had a fantastic weekend! mine was very busy- which is always a nice problem to have i think!

i always think of the weekend beginning on friday, because even though i have classes on friday it doesn't feel like the a regular work day. and i only have one one hour class, so it hardly counts, right? and i mean, if i can squeeze one more day into the weekend i'm all for that.

so friday consisted of going to class, running errands uptown {which i am loving more and more! i mean how great is it to live within a 5 minute walking radius of everything?!}, and then i got ready and headed over to check out a friends new apartment. much to my surprise {and luck} said friends were having a brownie bake off.... i definitely scored on that one. the food was great, the company was great. everything was great.

on saturday i cleaned my apartment, did some baking, picked up groceries, and then went out for drinks and chips and guac at my favourite mexican place with a friend. afterwards we came back to my apartment and hung out for a bit longer. i'm loving having a place where i can have friends over at any hour and not worry about disturbing anyone. another perk of living alone.

and then sunday rolled around. it was a quiet day. i slept in, got ready for lunch at my parent's place. spent the afternoon/evening there doing laundry and mooching free pizza off of them ;). in between laundry and pizza i also snuck out and grabbed a pumpkin spice latte and went on a solo country drive. guys, it's really fall. like the temperature is getting colder, the leaves are just beginning to change, and did i mention pumpkin spice lattes!!!!! i seriously am in love with this season. keep it coming please and thank you! after spending most of the day with family i met up with my friends and we had a little road trip out to guelph to drop a friend off. it turned into an apartment decorating/burrito eating/real talks kind of night, which in my books is one of the best kinds of nights.

overall it was a weekend jammed pack with friends and family and lovely fall weather which totally justified oversized sweaters and boots all weekend long {so thankful for that!}.

and now it's monday. and it's a little less exciting. especially when you're a frazzled fourth year student who doesn't know how to read your own schedule and you totally missed your first class of the day. oops. rookie mistakes, except i'm not a rookie anymore and it totally shouldn't have happened. oh well, better luck next time right?

new apartment tour!


so i have finally officially moved into my apartment!!!. i have to be honest, it's been a bit of a scary process. the first couple of days i felt sick to my stomach when i realized what i had gotten myself into. i'm paying how much a month to live here? if anything goes wrong it's all on me. was this the right decision, did i jump into things? all of the self doubt and worry seemed to suddenly catch up to me when i realized that this was real. i really did move into my own apartment on my own for the year.

but i think it's only normal to feel this way. and now, after having a couple of days under my belt, things are going much smoother. this place is slowly but surely starting to feel like mine. i'm getting into a routine, like playing music as soon as i get up, or doing the dishes right away so things don't get messy. little things like that.

toady i'm making my first "home cooked meal" and have busted out the slow cooker to make a roast beef. we'll see how that goes ;). i started working again last night. my classes begin today. i'm so excited for everything that's in store this coming school year!!

this might be my last night living at home. also, how is it the end of summer already!???


a messy picture from the end of last summer

so a bit of a back story: 

i was suppose to move into my new apartment last wednesday. after a bit of a carpet problem in the bedroom {i've decided rotten carpet is the worst thing anyone can ever smell} that date has since been pushed back. but after endless hours cleaning, painting, and waiting for new flooring to be installed, i cannot wait to be in my new place! 

most of the flooring has been installed today and as soon as my landlord puts in the baseboards around the room i can officially move in, yay!!! no more awkwardly trying to live at home where i only have a small suitcase of clothes and a bed left in my room. no more bedroom furniture in the living room of my apartment. it's going to be great. 

with that being said i really need to get it together and pack up all the little stuff that seems to be lying around like clothes hangers {those things are annoying to pack!} and laundry. so that's going to be my labour day {and also playing sims and watching netflix because i mean... why not?}. ps. how is the end of the summer already?? i cannot believe school is started up again this week. crazy i'll tell you.

also, a note to the weather gods. can you please send some crisp fall weather my way? seriously, my fall sweaters and boots are all patiently waiting to be worn but it's just not going to happen with this 30 degree heat wave we've been having. 

our last night away


{sidenote}: similar to last week's post, i came across this post in my drafts and can't figure out why i never posted it. i wrote this one of my first day's back from my europe trip back in may. enjoy!

ah, today has been so bittersweet. as excited as i am to be home with my own things in my normal time zone, i'm sad to be leaving oxford. these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.. but in the best way possible. i have seen so much and really enjoyed the time away. my favourite thing though has definitely been the time spent with family. i love my family here and it makes me sad to think that i won't get to see them for a while.

the easy dinner conversation. having drinks at pubs. the food. the laughs. i'm going to miss it all.

we had the perfect last day here. we toured around a couple last colleges, packed up all our stuff, went out for dinner. and ended the whole night off with drinks at a pub with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. we had the best time- telling so many stories and jokes. everyone seemed to be in the best mood. to top the cake when we got back home there were fireworks outside their backyard... i mean come on, what better way to end things than with fireworks! oxford, you were awesome.

realities of moving out


first meal in the apartment feat. messy mcdonald's food

1. nothing will go as planned.

2. moving is exhausting. especially with a lack of sleep thanks to nerves.

3. cleaning is also exhausting. especially when you're bitter about it thanks to a landlord who guaranteed it would be clean and ready and it wasn't... a day after you were suppose to get keys.

4. you will kind of hate waiting around for deliveries.

5. also you will become a zombie thanks to a lack of sleep, living off of take out food, and general apartment craziness.

send help please. i keep telling myself everything will just work out, but it's looking a little grim right now folks.



sister selfie from this weekend

it never seems to go as planned, at least that's what i've heard, and so far that's been true with me. i was suppose to have gotten keys this afternoon, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen until this evening (?) if i ever hear back from  my landlord. but it's okay, right? right. at least that's what i'm trying to tell myself.

p.s. happy september!