mid week check in


this picture really has nothing to do with the post other than the fact that i've been playing around with my camera during my sparse free time this week and have fallen in love with shooting RAW and playing around with the manual setting a bit more! {which will hopefully translate into more pictures/post here!}

hello. it's wednesday evening which means we are more than halfway through the week {thank goodness!}. this week could not be any crazier and i am going to be so thankful when saturday finally rolls around. this week has already had too much going on with trying to juggle school, and work, and having time to myself, and maybe even getting a bit of sleep in there if possible?

one of my priorities though, despite my crazy schedule has been focusing on self care. taking some time each day to really take a break from things. like giving myself a facial on monday night, to spending an hour reading a book {for fun, not school related}. little things like that aren't watching t.v. {which i've learned isn't really a 'break' for me, more of just a distraction} or constantly thinking about what project i need to be working on next. and let me tell you it has been doing me a world of good. definitely one of the reasons i've been able to stay relatively calm this week.

anyways, i hope everyone is having a good week so far, and i'd encourage you to try to take some time out of your day to truly relax and take a breather- trust me you'll feel much better.

everyone goes lighter for winter right?


on friday i had my hair done and i've now got a pretty solid ombre colour going on! i'm so happy with how it turned out and i'm even happier that i think i've finally found a hair salon that i love (after years of searching). so even though people normally go darker for fall/winter with their hair i am loving the lighter locks right now. 

hope y'all have a good monday. my week is starting off with 2 hefty midterms.... wish me luck because i definitely need it. 



so about a month ago or so there was this crazy bug going around and everyone was getting sick. cough, cold, fever, sore throat... you name it, people were not feeling it. and there i was, thinking to myself "that looks so rough, thank God i have an amazing immune system and can take a pass on this whole cold thing". and so there i was, thinking i was all that.

but that's all caught up to me now, because of course as reading week comes to an end i have caught a pretty nasty cold that is basically ruining my life {not to be dramatic or anything ;)}. i didn't think one person could cough so much in one day - like seriously lungs tone it down.

so i'm trying to get back on my feet asap because i have a midterm on tuesday and it would be the absolute worst to have to sniffle through the whole thing. not to mention studying is 10x worse when you're not feeling your best.

i'm hoping that all of the comfort food i have planned for this week, lots of tea and water, and the occasional ibuprofen and cold medicine has me back in no time. here's to hoping anyways!

p.s. if you live in canada please don't forget to vote tomorrow! just a little friendly reminder ;). 

oh, and in case your wondering what kind of comfort food i'm planning on cooking up this week here's my tentative {because we know things never go as planned} meal plan:

monday: potato soup with biscuits

tuesday: broccoli quiche

wednesday: swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and green beans

thursday: leftover night {yay!}

friday: country chicken with green beans and hasselback potato

i don't know about you... | 22nd birthday!


yesterday i celebrated my 22nd birthday! i decided to take the whole day off of work and studying and had a relaxing day with friends and family. i started off my morning listening taylor swift on repeat and then treated myself to coffee from my favourite coffee shop. then i went to the mall and bought a birthday dress and went home to make one of my favourite meals right now. and then i lounged on the couch watching netflix and pinteresting with no shame. it was great. for dinner that night i went out to taco farm with my family {yum!}. then we went back to their house and had cake and opened presents. and they bought be number balloons, which i know is a silly thing to get excited about but i love them! and then i ended the night with drinks at one of my favourite bars with friends!! 

it was an awesome birthday and i'm so excited to see what this year has in store!

perks of having a park as my backyard


a couple pictures taken yesterday while i was in the park enjoying the perfect weather we were blessed with all weekend long. i'm trying to soak up as much as i can when it comes to all things fall because i know realistically we probably only have a good couple of weeks left of coloured leaves and pumpkin everything before we start getting snow. although then i can move on to peppermint mochas from starbucks and all things christmas related, which is basically the next best thing ;).

thanksgiving weekend update


it's currently 2am. i'm laying on the sofa after what feels like the longest day ever. but thanksgiving weekend was awesome. we had perfect weather here - like seriously, i couldn't have asked for anything better. i spent lots of time with friends and family. and i feel like i probably never need to eat again ;). hope everyone else had a great weekend! i'll be posting more details about my weekend in a post tomorrow, but right now i need sleeeeeep!

friday night lights


my brother and i made it out to my school's football game on friday!! i keep asking myself why i never decided to go to one of the games sooner - they are so much fun to attend! not to mention they lit off fireworks every time we scored a touchdown!!! 

and tonight we attended our school's hockey game tonight, which was so much fun too! back to back sports games is the best way to start this weekend :).

long weekend excitement


london streets near kensington

i was going through pictures and came across this one taken in london this past spring. can you imagine if this was your house?! i mean, serious goals right there. every time i go through previous travel photos it reminds me how much i love travelling so i might just spend this weekend trying to figure out how to squeeze in some sort of trip this coming year.... hey, a girl can dream right? 

i hope you all have a great friday and an even better weekend. and hey, if you're celebrating thanksgiving this weekend i hope you enjoy the extra day off ;). my long weekend has a shopping trip planned, a nice thanksgiving dinner, and some time with friends all in the mix, can't wait! 

playing around with vsco cam themes


have you heard of instagram themes or vsco cam themes (an photo editing app)? i just stumbled upon it on a break from studying from a stats midterm and i'm obsessed! i may or may not have just spent the last half an hour editing all my favourite pictures trying out different "themes". try searching "vsco cam themes" on pinterest and you'll totally understand what i'm talking about ;). 

and that's my public service announcement of the day. 



messy apartment, what else is new. but it's my apartment and even though i've been here for a month it's still a bit surreal.

good morning friends! 

it feels like this last week has been a bit of a whirl wind. from midterms beginning to quitting my job {more about that later!!}, life has been a little insane. i just have to get through the next couple of days and then my reading week will begin, thank the lord!

also, how crazy is it that thanksgiving is this weekend? seriously, time is just flying by. i need to start searching pinterest for some thanksgiving dessert ideas... if any of you have some excellent recipes you're hiding let me know! right now i'm thinking of doing some sort of pumpkin cheesecake thing, but we'll see how that goes. also, if anyone has been to the grocery store lately, am i the only one who thinks the baking aisle looks like people have been preparing for some sort of pumpkin apocalypse. all the pumpkin stuff has been raided through, shelves have been cleared - people are going crazy.

hope you all have a great tuesday :)