more christmassy weekend pictures


here are a few pictures from this weekend when my friends and i hung out and did lots of christmassy things!

i'm almost done decorating my apartment... i still want to make a couple more banners and i'm on the fence about whether or not i'm going to get a real christmas tree. i really want one, but my apartment is pretty tiny and also those things are expensive... so we'll see.

happy tuesday!

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas


over the weekend we had our first big snow fall and it has definitely got me in the christmas mood now! i spent the weekend at my parents place and for the most part i was camped out on the sofa next to the fire watching christmas movies on t.v. while it snowed outside {basically what i would do all of december if i could}. 

on sunday i started decorating my apartment for christmas. i know it's super early for christmas decorations, but i feel like everyone is decorating early this year so i had to jump on the bandwagon, and with this weather i can't really blame them. i looks like a winter wonderland outside now and i'm loving it! 

i had friends over sunday night and we made a gingerbread house and made christmas paintings and had starbucks holiday drinks and christmas treats. we also went and saw the night before in theatres which was definitely not your average christmas movie, but it was really funny {if you like seth rogan's type of humour}.

i hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. i'm curious, have you started putting up decorations yet?

it’s that time of the year again


even though it’s not even the end of november yet it feel like everyone is totally getting into the christmas spirit super early. i have plans to get my apartment decorated this weekend if everything works out (fingers crossed), and i’m hoping that really kick starts the festivities this year. we’ve had unseasonably warm weather this year and so it hasn’t really felt too ‘christmassy’ here, but it looks like that might change since the forecast tomorrow is calling for snow. i can’t wait for all of the holiday stuff to arrive!! 

wishing everyone a happy weekend!

happy champagne friday!!


i think i've mentioned before that over the summer i use to celebrate champagne friday's with my aunt and uncle... but just in case i haven't i'll explain it now. basically every friday they had a tradition to have champagne on friday evening to celebrate getting through the week. so while i was living with them i got to partake in the tradition as well - i mean i'm not one to turn down free champagne!

and then last weekend i went back up to lindsay visit everyone and as a birthday gift my aunt and uncle bought me champagne and some champagne flutes so now i can bring the tradition back home with me! {yay!!!!!!}

so as if friday's weren't great enough i now get to celebrate in style.

happy champagne friday everyone! cheers!!

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes."


i read that swedish saying in an article a couple of weeks ago and it really got me thinking about how i want to tackle my winter capsule wardrobe. now, they're saying that this year's winter is suppose to be pretty mild... but i'm still scarred from the last two polar vortex winter's we've had so i want to make sure i'm prepared for the weather! while most of the stuff on my wish list is way out of my budget, it's still good inspiration.

i want to stock up on some warm sweaters that are light enough to layer, as well as some new jeans {i love these ones from old navy because they're still distressed without holes, so hopefully they'd be warm enough for winter!}. ps. how cute are those sorel boots with the pink accent!!?

thanks el nino


thanks to el nino, which i'm told is the reason behind these unseasonably warm temperatures today has been an absolute dream. the windows in my apartment are all open letting the warm breeze come through and bring some much needed freshness in here. i wore a sweater to one of my labs earlier this morning and have since changed into a t shirt because i was too hot. too hot in a sweater in november... what is this!?

and although i'm a big sucker for chilly fall days, i have to say i'm really enjoying this warm weather. it makes it a little bit easier to be patient for winter/christmas {is it just me... as soon as november rolls around i am ready for snow and christmas songs and hot chocolate...?}.

so here's to walking outside without having to layer up and pretending that four month of snow and cold aren't right around the corner ;).

late night studying


sometimes my friends and i get together for late night study dates. most of the time not much studying gets done. usually it consists of binging on junk food and gossiping or reminiscing. and so on sunday evening we found ourselves jumping from campus {where zero studying got done because other people around us were basically yelling the whole time} to a pizza place, to a pit stop at shoppers drug mart, and then finally at tim hortons. and while we all told ourselves we were studying, i think most of the time was spent chatting. and i'm 100% okay with that.