some pictures from the distillery district


this morning/afternoon we drove down to the distillery district in toronto. they have a bunch of really cool unique shops there with tons of brick buildings, cobblestone roads, and patio lights strung throughout. we window shopped for a bit and then had lunch at el catrin, which is one of my favourite mexican places. it was nice to spend time with family and check out some new shops!

2016 goals


pictures courtesy of my sister christine

here are my goals for 2016. hopefully i work towards them over the year!

01. cut out alcohol & smoking
some vices of mine that i think would be healthy to cut out for a year. the drinking thing might be the most difficult {sorry friends}, but i really want to give it a try!

02. eat a well balanced diet
because i was legitimately concerned i was going to get scurvy first semester. (p.s. i found this article really interesting when it comes to making diet changes)

03. develop an exercise routine
i feel like this is on everyone's list, but i really want to find something that i enjoy and can stick with. i'm hoping pilates continues throughout the year and hey, maybe i'll finally develop some sort of gym routine?

04. devote time to grow spiritually - whether it be attending church, watching online sermons, etc.
this has been on the back of my mind for a really long time. it's something that often falls to the bottom of my "to do list", but i think it's really important. so i want to make a conscious effort to make time for this.

05. limit recreational computer time to approximately five hours a day {i'm trying to be realistic here}
i am THE worst at netflix binging and checking facebook, twitter, instagram, and us weekly every 2 minutes. and it usually leads to a lot of wasted time. so i really want to cut down on that. and five hours a day would really be cutting down....

06. pay off my credit card bill
i've been getting better at managing my money since moving out and this would be a huge accomplishment of mine if i could not only pay it off, but keep it paid off throughout the year!

07. spend time each day on myself {hello reading, face masks, walks, etc.}
because i think this is so important, especially when it comes to managing stress.

08. improve my skin care routine
i have been trying for YEARS to get my acne and discolouration under control and i think i'm getting close to nailing down a skin routine that works for me. but consistency is key kids, and that is always my downfall.

09. drink 8 cups of water every day
not only is it necessary to stay alive and healthy but really i should have got this figured out by now but i ALWAYS forget to drink water. seriously, sometimes by the end of the day i realize i've only had one glass of water the whole day.

10. develop a morning routine
i am horrible in the mornings! i always wake up feeling terrible and sleep in like nobody's business. if i could start my day at 1pm everyday i would be happy. but this is not realistic and i think i would feel so much better if i was able to develop a consistent morning routine.

do you guys set 2016 goals? i know a lot of people are really against it, which i totally understand, but i always enjoy spending some time thinking about how i can improve and i find if i write it all down i'm more likely to stick with it. i'd love to hear what some of your goals/resolutions are!

happy new year!!

a summary of my christmas break so far….


- wearing the same pyjamas for an embarrassing number of days in a row 
- living off of homemade cheese pastries 
- taking a bath at least once a day (but often twice) 
- sleeping in and not feeling bad about it 
- giving my skin a major break from makeup 
- watching lots of netflix… but that isn’t really break specific 

hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! 




good morning!


a little hello from fynn this morning who is obsessed with carrying this toy around the house all day every day. 

we're going to arizona!!!


picture found from google

hello friends! 

i know it's been forever since i've posted here..... with finals and christmas celebrations things have been a little bit crazy. but i am so excited to announce that my sister, dad, and i are going to be going to arizona the end of january! i am so excited to be traveling there, especially because it is going to be totally different from anywhere i've ever traveled before. i am in the process of trying to narrow down all of the things i want to do (there are so many options!!!). 

can't wait to share more about our travel plans, and i promise to update you guys about the last month or so (still can't believe i managed to go that long without blogging!). 

talk to you soon, 

liz xo 

cutting down our christmas tree



 it's tradition for us to cut down our christmas tree on the first saturday of december every year, so last weekend my sister, mom, and i all drove out to the christmas tree farm! on our way over we stopped at starbucks and grabbed our favourite holiday drinks (the caramel brule latte for me!). when we got to the farm it was packed! it seemed like everyone had the same idea as us to get their christmas tree, and the warm weather probably had an effect too.

the whole time i felt like we were the biggest divas ever - with our starbucks red cups in hand, me lugging around my camera and tripod, my mom and i wearing our hunter boots.... i could go on. i thought the whole thing was hilarious.

we ended up finding our tree in the very back corner of the lot. when looking at all of the trees the normal ones we usually choose from just looked way too small this time around... so we decided to upgrade to the next size up. and let me tell you, the tree we picked looked a lot smaller when it was in the field compared to when we cut it down. while we were dragging it back to be wrapped up people were stopping and saying how big our tree was. that should have been a sign that we had overcommitted.... but once you cut down the tree i feel like you just have to go with it at that point ;).

when we got out tree home and put it up in our living room it ended up taking up almost half the room it was so big!! but what's christmas without a ridiculous christmas tree? ;).

i was feeling really festive and put up the rest of our christmas decorations around the house - i'll have to go back and get some pictures to put up here soon.

i hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit. i can't wait for christmas to come! {it's my favourite holiday of the year!}

merry christmas!