5 books that i love! | a reading list


i thought it would be kind of fun to switch things up from the normal "what i do in a day" kind of posts that happen most of the time here and write about some of the books i've read lately and would definitely recommend.

#1 - "The Total Money Makeover" By Dave Ramsey 

i haven't quite finished this book yet, but i can already tell that it is one that i am going to keep coming back to. if you have trouble managing your money (this is seriously one of the things i constantly struggle with!!), or even if you don't, i would definitely recommend this book. i feel like every one can benefit from some more knowledge about money.... not to be cheesy, but i truly believe knowledge is power! what i like most about this book is that it really changes the way you think about money. debt has become such an integral party of almost everyone's lives these days, but dave ramsey will totally change your mindset by then of the book.

#2 - "See Me" By Nicholas Sparks 

this is the newest book to the nicholas sparks collection and i loved reading it! it came out just a couple of days before my birthday this past year which was perfect timing ;). as soon as i started reading it i couldn't put it down. it was a little different than his previous novels, which i really liked. (as much as i love nicholas sparks and will always be the first to read his new novels, i can see why people say his plot lines are all very similar). so if you like romance novels and anything nicholas sparks like i would definitely recommend this. it's a really fun read, and i kind of have my fingers crossed that there is a sequel to this book!

#3 - "Hemmingway in Love: His Own Story" By A. E. Hotchner 

i got this book for christmas and i just finished reading it while i was in arizona. i have read a little bit of hemmingway's work, but never really knew much about his personal life. this book is written by one of his close friends and talks about hemmingway's different romances over the years. it also briefly talks about his troubled life towards the end. overall i really enjoyed it! i've always loved reading biographies (is it weird that it's been my favourite genre since grade 4?), so if you do to i think you would really like this book :). and it's pretty short, so it's a quick read!

#4 - "Four" By Veronica Roth 

okay, i know this makes me look like a 12 year old or something, but i genuinely loved this book and the whole divergent series. it also helps that theo james stares as one of the main characters in the movies, i mean hello, he's gorgeous. and the book had some adventure and romance in it, and was a fun read over the summer. after starting to put this list together i've figured out that i like reading books that aren't too serious aha.

#5 - "Dear John" By Nicholas Sparks 

another nicholas sparks book, i know, i know. but to be honest, i'm just proud that this list isn't totally nicholas sparks.... that's how obsessed i am ;). this is one of the only books that i have read more than once (does anyone else really hate reading books twice or is that just me?). i didn't totally love the movie adaptation of this, so if you've seen the movie and don't want to read the book, i promise you the book is much better!! and i mean, how many excuses do we really need to read another nicholas sparks book.... be honest ;).

i hope you guys like these books and maybe give one of them a read if you're in the market for a new book. let me know if you like these kinds of posts and i'll try to do more in the future. wishing you all a great start to the week!

xo, liz

some style inspiration | fashion friday


because i feel like i've totally forgotten how to get myself together most morning and need a little pinterest help.

xo, liz

my updated everyday makeup


it has been a while since i've posted what products i've been loving lately, so i thought i would sit down and update you guys on all of the stuff i've been loving lately. this is the makeup look that i wear almost everyday. i love playing around with makeup and trying different things out and i am loving some of these new products that i bought in phoenix a couple of weeks ago. i hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you want to see more makeup looks in the future :).

the fascinating life of a single girl | a series


sometimes i sit down to write a post for this blog and i honestly come up with nothing. i wish i could write fabulous tales about adventures i go on with friends, or cute dates that happen weekly that a lot of other bloggers rock at. but if i'm being totally honest 90% of my days are spent like today:

+ sleeping in and spending a lazy morning drinking tea and getting ready for the day 

+ walking to classes. often in annoying weather. i was loving the rain/freezing rain mix this morning 

+ thinking about making a healthy lunch but then finishing the bag of chips i opened last night with a side of pilsbury sugar cookie dough. i'm ashamed to admit that this is definitely not the first time this has happened. 

+ hitting "the wall" around 4 or 5 and finding myself with zero energy. 

+ make a small comeback around 7 and attempt to make dinner. it's usually as successful as lunch. 

+ have someone cancel a date that you had planned this weekend by just not responding to you anymore. okay, this doesn't happen all the time, but it happened today and i'm super annoyed. 

+ and then do absolutely nothing all evening. sometimes i do some homework. sometimes i play sims. and i almost always watch netflix. but it just feels like nothing.

+ and then i just wait it out until i can justify going to sleep. 

it's a super exciting life i live isn't it? and i know i could totally do something about it and like actually get my life together, but that is SO much easier said than done. but after writing this all out maybe i should really consider it.... 

anyways, sorry for this little rant. i hope you all had a much more exciting and productive day than mine. 


xo, liz

going a little garden crazy


i feel like my love for plants is getting a little out of hand, especially lately. sometimes when i walk into my apartment it feels more like a jungle than a home... i wish i was kidding. it doesn't help that i found an amazing nursery that was having a cactus and succulent festival. i mean you just can't pass that kind of stuff up right? i tried replanting a couple of plants that i had already as well that were struggling a little bit and i'm hoping that they perk up sometime soon. i also got a venus fly trap hoping it would help with the pesky fruit flies that somehow appeared in my apartment. it hasn't been super successful yet but i'll give it some more time. 

now i have to make some sort of promise to hold back on the plant situation for a little while because seriously it's getting way out of hand ;). 

hair extensions!


okay, i am SO excited to finally share this with you guys!! i got these hair extensions a few weeks ago and i kept meaning to do a post about them but i never seemed to get around it. but here it is, 24 inch ombre hair extensions from foxy locks. this is my first time every having hair extensions. i have always been curious to try them out to see what all the hype is about and after watching amber fillerup nail hairstyle after hairstyle i finally decided to just go for it. i'm really happy with how they turned out! the colour blend really well and i think they're fun to wear every now and again. i know they don't look super blending in this picture (because i only have 2 wefts in out of the 6 i was given lol) but i wanted to take a quick picture just to compare the lengths. 

it's definitely not a look i would wear everyday, but i think it's really fun for special occasions and it's fulfilled my dream of having extra long hair (which is taking forever to grow in on its own!). 

reading week in review


i cannot believe that reading week has come and gone. i basically spent the whole week lounging around the apartment in oversized everything, rearranging everything from painting and plants, etc. i feel like i was able to catch up on some much needed sleep *yay!!*. and i got to spend lots of time with friends and family :). i wouldn't have asked for any better of a week.

feels like spring


our winter this year has been so crazy weather wise. one day it can be -10 and then the next day, like today, it's plus 10. but i'm totally okay with these warmer days. i love having my windows open and hearing the birds chirp outside while i drink my morning tea and having the sun shine through and light up my living room. it makes me so excited for spring!! i honestly can't wait. i'm thankful that this winter wasn't nearly as bad as the last, but i'm so ready for spring and being able to walk outside without layering up.

an impulsive buy over reading week


you guys, i got pet fish this week!! it's something that i've always kind of thought would be fun to have, but never thought about it seriously. but this week i have a car to use (thanks to my mom's trip to the yukon... more on that later!). anyways, i have the car, and i feel like i can just do anything now because it's so easy to get around the city. so one night i decided to go to the pet store "just to look". i walked out with a starter tank and spent the evening prepping the tank with decoration and water filters and conditioners. a couple days later (i know you're suppose to wait like a week after setting up your tank but i couldn't wait ;)) i went back and picked up guppies and catfish! and now i've been spending my days just watching my little fish swim around their tank. i love them so much!

it's funny how something so silly can make me so excited. so now i am the proud owner of 8 fish after an impulsive couple of days. i've only named 2 of them (timothy and tequila) and i can't decide if i'm just going to leave it at that or name them all. let me know if you have any suggestions.

valentine's weekend recap


above are a few pictures of all the valentine's presents i got over the weekend. even though i'm single i still really like valentine's day. i think it's more about celebrating people you love and taking time to spoil yourself a bit ;). my youngest sister and i exchanged valentine's this year. she gave me a really sweet card, these beautiful tulips (in my favourite colour!) and some chocolate. i also got a turtle mug from my mom and dad(which is my favourite animal) as well as lots of little chocolates and cards from friends. 

on monday night one of my friends hosted a valentine's dinner for all my friends from high school. we snacked on cheese and baguette, pizza, and lots of pinot grigio and i can't think of a better way to end off a long weekend. 

so thankful for all the wonderful people i have in my life, and i loved being able to celebrate that over the weekend! 

hope everyone is having a good week so far :). i have been trying to declutter my apartment and get things a bit more organized over reading week.

xo, liz

happy valentine's day!!


sweater: wildfox

wishing you all a happy valentine's day. hope you enjoy the day with loved ones and feel special! love you all, 

liz xo 

new makeup | from sephora, ulta, and mac


while i was away in phoenix i picked up tons of new makeup that i thought i would share with you guys. i have been loving all of the products that i bought and i am planning on filming a tutorial or writing a post with my updated makeup routine. i have been loving the whole highlight/contour trend that has been popular for forever now and so most of the products that i bought were to help with that look. hope you guys enjoy! xo, liz 

lip pencil: mac in 'hip n happy'

jimmy's minis | the best donuts in town!


my mom and i tried out a new (to us) donut shop on saturday and it was AMAZING! it's run by jimmy himself with a smiling face and huge chef's hat. they have all kinds of donuts in fun colours and decorations - my favourite is the bright pink one (of course) which is raspberry white chocolate! 

it's a bit of a blessing that this place is on the other side of town otherwise i would probably have donuts almost every day ;). my brother and i split almost every flavour that we got together and i don't feel bad about it one bit. they were so good! 

i always love finding new finds like this. it reminds me of a couple of years ago where i tried new restaurants/food places every month as one of my new years goals. 

so that was what i was up to this weekend. hope everyone enjoyed theirs!

struggling with jet lag


i've travelled a few times where i've had to deal with jet lag, but for some reason it is really hitting me hard this time around after coming back from arizona. even though it was only a two hour time difference i feel like it has totally thrown me off of my game.

i've realized recently that i am someone who needs routine. i need to have some sort of constant or familiarity in my day to keep things running smoothly. and when i can't keep that routine all hell seems to break loose.

today for example. i had such a hard time getting to sleep last night. i normally try to aim to by asleep by 11:30 at the latest, and was definitely up until 3am. and then i had early morning pilates, and class, and ran some errands. and by 4 o'clock i was just done. i feel asleep around 4:30 until 10, which i never do. sleeping during the day is something i try to avoid like the devil because it really throws me off my game.

and now it's almost midnight and i feel delirious and sick to my stomach, and tired but not able to fall asleep all at the same time. and i hate it because i know it's going to throw off my schedule tomorrow and i mean when does it end!?

so i'm hoping that tomorrow i can go to work and then take the evening to get back on track. from cooking a nice meal to getting ready for bed early, which will hopefully mean getting to sleep early. fingers crossed!



a trip out west would not be complete without a stop to in-n-out. it was my first time going there and i am obsessed now. animal style fries (not pictures) are like the american version of our poutine and i am in love. also the burgers - i'm not going to lie i wasn't really feeling it at first, but by the end of the trip i was craving them! seriously can we please bring shake shack and in-n-out to canada? i would be the happiest girl alive.

the grand canyon!!!!


^ these ravens were huge (way bigger than my sister's head!)!!! i had never seen anything like it. and they were everywhere around the park ^

and the grand finale to our time in arizona was the grand canyon!! it was so cool to be able too see it in person, and although we didn't get to spend as much time there as i had hoped i tried to take as many pictures as possible {sorry if they all look the same ;)}. i hope one day i can come back here and take more time to hike around. i didn't really understand how big the park was going to be, but you could spend days wandering around. so grateful i was able to check it out!

drive up


the drive from sedona to the grand canyon was really interesting for me because of how much the scenery changed in such a short time. these pictures were taken about 20 minutes outside of sedona - such a difference right? it was a little crazy to see so much snow here, but it was also comforting because it reminded me of home! driving up these mountains was also insane! in the first picture we had just got to the top of a mountain after taking some very sharp turns (we were going about 10 miles an hour to get around them!). also, our gps which we call "charlotte" decided to take us on a little detour to an airport - no idea why, but it was in the system to go there and make a u-turn. so random!



these are a few of my pictures from our short but sweet time in sedona. while we were driving up to the grand canyon we stopped in sedona for lunch. it was so amazing to go from flat dessert to huge red rocks all of a sudden. we also came on the perfect day with clear skies and warm weather {but i mean, when is it not like that in arizona}. we had coffee from starbucks and chipotle for lunch at a plaza that faced onto the rocks and it was such a beautiful view. we only spent about half an hour there, but i wished we could have spent a bit more time hiking close to the rocks. sedona is somewhere i definitely would go back to again in a heartbeat!