officially moved out of my first apartment


this evening i handed over the keys to the person i am subletting from and it finally hit me that i'll be away from my apartment for four whole months. and while i know that's not the end of the world it was kind of sad seeing it go, even if it is just for the summer!

things have been feeling super hectic right now. between finishing finals, visiting in lindsay for the weekend, moving out, unpacking things at home, and trying to get ready for a two week vacation..... it's been kind of overwhelming to say the least. i've been trying to take it "one day at a time" as they say, but it's so hard! i feel like my mind just keeps racing with what i need to do next. does this happen to anyone else?

i know it's all going to be worth it though. crazy to think that in just a few days i will be down south enjoying the ocean and warm weather!



it's been a little quite here on the blog lately. you can thank finals for that. but i am DONE now!! hurray!!! i can't wait for summer vacation to begin, and what better way to kick it off than with a two week vacation in south carolina. i can't wait for warmer weather! 

in other somewhat unrelated news, i uploaded some pictures my mom took of her trip to the yukon back in february onto my computer and now i totally want to go and visit!! i mean how serene does this cabin look in the middle of the night when they were out watching the northern lights. i'm so thankful i come from a family who loves to travel and explore :). 

happy thursday everyone! 

oma's potato pancake recipe


i called my oma today to get her potato pancake recipe, and i thought i should write it down here just in case the piece of scrap paper i joted notes down on disappears ;). i first tried potato pancakes at her place this winter and fell in love. i mean what's not to like... grated potato fried with sour cream and onion. it's like all my favourite things in one. 

so here's the recipe. it's so simple and easy to make and tastes AMAZING! and i'll try to add a picture to this post soon! ps. my oma doesn't believe in measuring so the recipe is kind of in a ratio style. just go with it, it's almost impossible to mess up! 


3-4 yukon gold potatoes per 1 egg 

1 apple sized vidalia onion per 3-4 potatoes 


vegetable oil for frying 


grate potatoes using the finest blade on a food process or grater and add to medium size bowl. add salt to the potatoes immediately to prevent browning. grate or chop the onion finely "so you can't even tell it's there" and add to bowl. whisk the egg together and add to potato and onion mix. 

heat up vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat. 

put potato mix in frying pan, about the same size as a pancake. fry on each side for 2-2 1/2 minutes. 

serve immediately with sour cream mixed with chopped green onion. 

prepping to move back home


picture from tumblr

so i've decided that i am going to move back home for the summer in an attempt to save some (read "a lot") of money. as much as i have come to love my little apartment, i just couldn't justify spending the money on it over the summer. so i went through the exhausting process of finding a sub-letter a have finally gotten that all figured out!

so now comes the fun part... moving all my stuff back home.

i originally was hoping to leave most of the big furniture at my apartment over the summer, but the person who ended up signing it doesn't want anything left behind. which is totally fine, it just means i get to spend some extra time figuring out how i'm going to move a whole apartment worth of stuff back home into my 10 x 10 bedroom. i'm hoping most of the bigger stuff will fit in our basement and garage, but i still have to declutter everything in my room.

so today i tackled my closet. 4 trash bags of garbage and 2 bags for donation later and it's looking a lot better! i know it's only step 1 of like 1000, but i'm getting there. slowly but surely ;).

coffee date outfits | fashion friday


this week i went on a coffee date, and for some reason as soon as i have to get ready for a date i always forget how to dress myself. suddenly nothing seems to look right and i can't figure out what's "appropriate" for the location. so i thought it would be a good idea save a few outfits i think would work well on a coffee date for future reference.

happy friday everyone! i hope you all enjoy your weekend.

xo, liz

i jumped on the lob bandwagon


so i decided to really switch things up yesterday and got a long bob or "lob" as the bloggers call it ;). i also wen ta bit lighter with the ombre, and i love how it turned out!! i was so worried that when i cut my hair my face would look really swollen ha! i know that's such a weird thing to worry about but i feel like short hair does that to me sometimes. but luckily i am not getting that vibe with this haircut and i'm so happy i switched it up!

new glasses + last day of long hair


unless i chicken out, which is very possible ;). i ordered glasses last week online and was nervous to see what they would look like. i was happy when i tried them on and liked them! actually, i'll be honest.... i wasn't too sure about them at first, but i really like them now (am i the only one who's like that?).

also, i'm getting my hair cut tomorrow.... i think i'm going to get a "lob", but i curled my hair this morning and loved how long it is and now i'm second guessing everything. but we'll see what happens tomorrow. hope your week is going well!

xo, liz

finals outfit inspiration | fashion friday


with finals right around the corner style is definitely not the first thing on my mind. with that being said though, i always feel so much better when i feel like i can put an outfit together, even during stressful times like finals. here's a few outfit ideas that are super comfortable and easy for finals! 

best of luck to those wrapping up the semester.

xo, liz

to cut my hair or not


the only semi good pictures i could find with my 'shorter' hair were from halloween, hence the leopard makeup ;)

2 years ago i was feeling impulsive (what else is new) and decided to cut my hair short, or at least my version of short. 

and here we are again, 2 years later. and after growing out my hair for what feels like forever i am getting the urge to cut my hair again. so here's a little pro's and con's list i made up to help me try to decide. in all honesty though, knowing me, i will probably just go for it and then spent the next few months regretting it ;). but here we go: 

long hair 

- it's pretty. plain and simple
- it's fun to style and the options are endless 
- i feel like it helps slim out my face (always important) 

- it takes FOREVER to dry. like hours on hours on hours
- it just looks messy (in the worst way) when i don't style it
- oh an styling it takes forever too
- it's always getting in the way. it's caught in my hoods, behind my back, in my face. it never ends

short hair 

- it's trendy
- it's easier to take care of
- it dries faster
- it takes less time to style
- it's not constantly in my way/easier to manage
- it will look healthier

- i know i'm going to hate it and want to grow my hair out asap
- sometimes i feel like it makes my face look wider, just saying
- there's the whole dilemma about what to do about the colour... i mean i feel like i would need to deal with the chopped off ombre, and i mean that costs $$$

blahhhhh i don't know what to do guys. any suggestions?