the arts n crafts continue


so this definitely isn't the best picture to show you what i've done, but basically i followed this tutorial on pinterest {which took wayyyyy longer than expected... also i kind of switched it up a bit and instead of using buckets per the tutorial we added ours to planters and did some gardening} and hung string lights up in our backyard. to say that i'm happy with how it turned out would be an understatement - i totally LOVE it. and to my surprise so does the rest of my family {that rarely happens}. i'll try to take more/better picture of the whole project soon, but just thought i would write a quick update before i forget ;).  

so i tried to take pictures for an outfit post...


but i ended up looking super angry in all of them, as seen above. it's the thought that counts right?

arts n crafts


so i wouldn't really consider myself to be someone who is super artistic or crafty in any way, but yesterday i finished my first real sewing project and i'm so proud!! my friends and i each worked on our own projects over my kitchen table and i ended up with this pillow case. even though it's really simple i kind of love it and i'm ridiculously proud of it ;). and now i feel like i can conquer anything... quilt *check*, clothing *check*.... anything really, i'm your girl.

new favourite breakfast place


yesterday was "liz day"!! we had this competition going the first week of our vacation and i ended up winning, which meant i got to have a whole day where i decided what we did {a pretty great prize if you ask me ;)}. one of the things i love to do the most when i travel is try out new restaurants. i find that a good meal or discovering a new "favourite place" is something i remember even years later about a place i've travelled to. so i started off liz day with breakfast at Johnny D's. their menu is amazing and honestly i just want to have breakfast there everyday now because there are so many things i want to try! i ended up getting the red velvet waffle with cream cheese icing and it was to die for!!! honestly so delicious and surprisingly light, which makes it totally acceptable to have for breakfast right? ;)

they also make amazing skillet dishes {i stole a couple of bites of my dad's}, and homemade bagels which i definitely want to try if we go there again *fingers crossed*. i sometimes find it funny that we are still able to find new things to do down here, even though we've been to myrtle beach every year for the last 20 years or so! johnny d's will definitely become a regular i think. :)

visiting a sea turtle rescue centre!


for those of you who don't know, i'm a little obsessed with turtles. they're hands down my favourite animal and i jus think they are super cute! i was doing some research of things to do near myrtle beach and was over the moon happy when i found a sea turtle rescue centre that was associated with the south caroline aquarium. tours of the rescue centre were pretty inexpensive so i convinced my family to go check it out. 

it was such a neat experience to be able to see them up close... definitely the highlight of the trip! i attached a short little video clip of some of the turtles that we saw. it was basically just "turtles in a bucket" as my dad likes to describe it, but it was honestly so cool!! and what was even more exciting is that they were planning on releasing a lot of the turtles in a couple of days after we visited. won't be forgetting this experience any time soon, and i would definitely recommend checking it out if you're interested in sea turtles... or even if you're not ;). 

congrats if you made it through all the turtle pictures ;). video below:

getting back on the blogging bandwagon


ugh, i have been so bad at keeping up with this blog lately... sorry guys!

we have been here in myrtle beach for a week now and have been having such a great time! from shopping, trips to the beach, visiting a sea turtle hospital, and lots of sleeping in {my favourite part ;)}. so thankful to have this opportunity and i am definitely trying to soak up every moment!!

road trip down to myrtle beach


my mom and i took a road trip down to myrtle beach this year and it was so much fun! we left early on saturday morning and spent the night in tysons corner and did some shopping. i was a little bit nervous about such a long drive, but it seemed to just fly by!

we accidentally ended up taking all the back roads for most of the first day, and hit every small town in new york and pennsylvania, which i kind of liked... my mom not so much ;).

during our night in tysons corner we stopped and had shake shack for dinner! i'll be honest... we totally planned the trip around stopping for shake shack, we are obsessed. and it was SO good! so happy that we stopped for it. we also did some shopping which was awesome. one of my favourite stores was nordstrom, or "nordi's" as we call it ;). although shopping was a lot of fun, getting back to the hotel after ended up being such a struggle! there were at least 3 of the same hotels in the area that were all about the same distance apart. long story short, what should have been a 5 minute drive home ended up taking us half an hour.

the next morning we had a quick breakfast at starbucks and headed off. we arrived in myrtle beach around 5 that evening and we are so happy to be here!