saying goodbye to my first apartment


tonight was kind of a tough night. i emailed my landlord to let him know that i wouldn't be resigning my lease come september. i am so sad to let that apartment go - i really enjoyed living there... being less than five minutes from campus was such a blessing. but i keep reminding myself that i'm making the "right" choice, and saving money will be worth it the long haul. at least i hope.



do you sometimes feel like your life is about to change (hopefully for the better)? i feel like i am standing on that corner right now, and i cannot wait to see what comes my way. after years of feeling like i've been at a standstill change would definitely be welcomed right now.

quick update on how last week went


image found on tumblr

my apologies for not continuing to update you guys on my progress with the small goals i set last week. to sum it up shortly each day seemed to get easier. and although i was not perfect, i think i made a really strong effort to be healthier all around - snacking less and being encouraged to move more. i can only hope that this momentum continues. i am reminded of one of my favourite quotes (and one that has been on this side bar for a while) "it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop" - confucius.

keeping on track | tuesday update


i am happy to say that i have been pretty good at sticking to my goals today. i didn't grab any takeout (even though i was so tempted to stop at starbucks on the way home from pilates this morning). i cut back a lot on junk food and just had some ice cream after dinner (and maybe 2 muffins.... it's a work in progress). i know it wasn't great, but i feel like it was an improvement from what i've been eating recently. 

the step goal has been the most challenging part of today. i ended up falling asleep after pilates (thanks allergy medicine) and didn't wake up until mid afternoon. i spent most of the remaining day just lounging and doing small chores around the house, so it was really hard to get up to 5,000 steps. but i ended up taking duke (pictured above) out for a small walk which helped. it also checked off walking my dog at least once this week so that is progress in and of itself! 

an update on monday


ok, so monday didn't go exactly as planned, but i still think i made a step in the right direction. i think consciously trying to avoid take out and junk food made me realize just how much i crave it and give in. i kind of failed at this one today.... i was doing pretty well in the morning. but after a tough meeting at school i headed straight to starbucks and grabbed an iced passion tea lemonade and cheese danish. i tried to justify it as a reward for getting through the meeting, and getting some studying done. it also just felt like a good way to kill time. i was kind of annoyed at myself for giving in so early, but looking back at it now i guess it was good to learn that i use food as a reward quite often. later in the day i ended up grabbing a sandwich from a local cafe for dinner (today was tough for takeout) and although it was a healthier choice it still broke my "rules" for the week.

my strong point for today though was exercise! i set my goal as 5,000 steps for day and i hit 10,000!! that hasn't happened since God knows when so that was pretty exciting.

overall, i am pretty confident with the way things started. i know the diet wasn't 100%, but at least the effort and mindfulness was there right? ;). tomorrow will be better, i promise!

ps. did anyone else watch the bachelor tonight? i feel like so much stuff happened. can't wait for next week. i am seriously obsessed with this show!

goals for the week


this week i want to focus on my diet (and a little bit of exercise too). my diet lately has been horrible. a combination of way too much fast food and chips and sugar has left me feeling kind of horrible. so this week i want to focus on the following:

+ no more fast food

+ cut out chips and other "junk food"

+ eat 3 meals per day

+ go to the gym once

+ walk the dog once

+ get 5,000 steps per  day

they're small goals, but i think they would be a good start to try to live a healthier lifestyle.

i'm also going to challenge myself to blog everyday so i can check in and stay somewhat accountable. wish me luck!



happy birthday 

one of my favourite things


recently my youngest sister has taken to coming into my room and jumping on my bed and just hanging out for a while. sometimes we go through social media together, or check out things to buy online, or just chat about our days. and then other times she climbs under the blankets while i tidy up or send some emails at my desk. and soon i'll look over and she's fast asleep.

and maybe i should be annoyed that she keeps coming into my room and bugging me (get out of my room! can often be heard back and forth between us ;)), but to be honest i kind of love it. i think it's sweet and endearing and i'm reminded how lucky i am to have her as a sister.

90s hair


tutorial that i copied for this hairstyle found here (except i did a ponytail instead of a bun)

always looking to spice up the lob i've got going on and although i hated this high bun/ponytail hairstyle in the beginning i have to admit it's one of my favourites. and the fact that it takes less than five minutes to throw together is a huge plus.

happy wednesday!

reviewing my 2016 new years goals


i'll be honest, ever since i wrote out my new years goals they kind of got pushed away and i totally forgot about them! so since it's june now and we're half way through the year, i thought it would be a good idea to dig them up and do a quick review to see where i've been doing well and where i still can improve. to see my original 2016 goals post click here

01. cut out alcohol & smoking
ok, this one i'm actually really proud of!! i decided that cutting out alcohol completely was just not realistic for me right now. but i definitely have cut back a lot and i'm proud to say that i feel like i finally have a healthy relationship with drinking. as for the smoking, i haven't smoked at all this year! :)

02. eat a well balanced diet 
haha... so this is one goal that i definitely need to focus more on. last week i kept an honest food journal and looking back on it, it's totally embarrassing! i think i want to focus more on eat three proper meals a day and not just snacking all day everyday... which is something i do a lot ;).

03. develop an exercise routine
ok so this one also... i'm struggling with! i'm happy to say that i've consistently been doing pilates twice a week for most of the year, so i guess that kind of counts as an exercise routine right? but i think  what i had in mind when i made this goal was going to the gym, or getting into a running routine. two things i have not come close to doing! even if i could get to the gym once a week i would be happy.

04. devote time to grow spiritually - whether it be attending church, watching online sermons, etc.
yes! this one i can check off for sure, or at least know that i'm on the right track. i watch weekly sermons online and have been out to church more times than i have in the last few years (although my track record recently hasn't been great haha).

05. limit recreational computer time to approximately five hours a day {i'm trying to be realistic here}
.... depends on the day. sometimes i can get this done no problem.... other days it just doesn't happen.

06. pay off my credit card bill
ugh, this one i am trying so hard to work on but it always feels like one step forwards, two steps back. 

07. spend time each day on myself {hello reading, face masks, walks, etc.}
a work in progress, definitely room for improvement.

08. improve my skin care routine
so i'm going to say this one is pretty on track. i've definitely made more of an effort to take off my makeup everyday which is a huge step for me, and i think my skin is a bit better? or at least more consistent.

09. drink 8 cups of water every day
... if i get more than 4 in it's a win right now.

10. develop a morning routine
i started really strong with this goal, but i feel like recently i've been struggling. especially now that it's summer i have way less motivation to make my mornings productive. 

so there it is, a quick review of some of my goals for 2016. i think it was a really good time to check in and remind myself what i wanted to accomplish this year. it's so easy to forget about what you wanted to do way back in january (it feels like forever ago right?!). i feel like i have a lot of room for improvement, but i'm happy that i've made some sort of progress, and there is still so much time to keep working at it.

did you guys make new years goals this year? have you been sticking to them?

random nostalgia for winter


as i sit here in my room with my fan on full blast and windows open hoping to get some cool air in my stuffy bedroom, i can't help but feel a bit nostalgic for winter days. i was scrolling through my tumblr feed (does anyone else "creep" themselves lol) and i came across this gif and it made me think about the days when i would be walking back from class and wet snow would be falling like above and i would rush to get into my overheated apartment. and then i would change into something comfortable and lounge on my couch looking out my living room window to the forest in the park. and i don't know i kind of miss wearing oversized sweaters and being cozy inside while the snow was falling. so random for the beginning of june.