reminiscing about charming english kitchens


and quiet mornings with lots of tea. i've been craving some travel, specifically back here.

reaching a new level of cool


i spent some time this past weekend working on getting my room organized after having it totally empty for about a week while new paint and flooring went in. and in the midst of organizing everything i decided to bring up a record player that was stored in our basement... which lead to me buying 4 new records from our local record store and taking a look at my mom's old collection. it's safe to say that i feel like i've reached a new level of cool. like don't mind me i'll just be listening to my vinyls. SO cool right?! ;). 

in other news i wanted to update you guys on something i am very excited about. this upcoming fall i am going to be baptized! religion isn't really something that i have talked a lot about on the blog so far, but i'm hoping that will change. but yeah, just thought i would let you guys know :). 

hope everyone's week is going well so far. i am excited to finish up a diy bench i've been working on, getting ahead with some school work and prepping for a weekend trip to lindsay!