embracing new curves


these last couple of months i have been trying really hard to accept myself where i am at right now, and stop being so critical. it is so easy to pick yourself apart (i would do it subconsciously almost all day long at one point!), and way harder to be kind to yourself and build yourself up. i’ll admit, it was (and still is) a really hard habit to break, but worth it. i found that the constant self critique, dieting, and being unhappy with myself became exhausting - i just couldn’t do it anymore! so for awhile i kind of just gave up and didn’t really think of myself at all, for better or for worse. that helped me stop the negative self-talk, but i also forgot to take care of myself. i started eating whatever i wanted, not focusing on any sort of nutritional value. i stopped “forcing” myself to exercise. i was in an awkward in-between of caring way too much, and not caring at all. 

once i had a break from the years of self induced negativity i began to really explore concepts of self-care, positive affirmations, and looked for role models who were body positive. i say really, because i had tried these things before but it all went over my head. this time around though, a lot of it stuck with me and i was determined not to get back to where i was. i always remind myself of how exhausting the whole process of worrying about what i looked like and being mean to myself was like and it encourages me to keep moving forward.

so now instead of telling myself i look awful in everything i wear, i try to look at things i like, and ignore the things i’m not as happy with. i’m learning that where i’m at right now is great, and i shouldn’t be ashamed of that. i’m learning that it’s okay to shop at plus size clothing stores, and that it doesn’t make me any less of a person. i’m learning that there’s a difference between dieting and making healthy food choices to take care of your body. i’m learning that exercise does not need to be torturous. 

it’s all a work in progress, and there is so much that i am learning. this is very much the beginning of a long process, and i am by no means an expert when it comes to this. but i think it is so, so important to learn to except yourself and stop comparing yourself to a vision of what you have to be like, or to others and i really don’t think enough people are talking about it. so this is the beginning of a series. i hope you guys can find it helpful :)

xo, liz

* photo taken by kimberly

fall inspiration | fashion friday


i cannot wait until it's cool enough to layer up and rock bold lipstick! i've been searching pinterest for some fall beauty and outfit inspiration and wanted to share some of my favourites here :)

2016 fall bucket list


for me, fall "starts" september 1st.... which is only a couple of weeks away! i've put together a list of things i want to do this year :)

this fall i want to: 

01. decorate for fall 
02. bake pumpkin muffins 
03. celebrate thanksgiving with friends 
04. visit a pumpkin farm 
05. take pictures of the changing leaves 
06. go for an evening walk 
07. cheer on our football team 
08. try all of the starbucks seasonal drinks 
09. bake cookies 
10. burn fall candles 
11. carve pumpkins 
12. try a new pumpkin recipe 
13. go to a haunted house 
14. wear hunters 
15. visit the farmer’s market
16. get baptized 
17. go on a date 
18. drink pumpkin ale 
19. make stew 
20. buy sunflowers 

new headboard


i have been dreaming of having a headboard like this for years and my dreams finally came true when i bit the bullet and ordered this one. i love how it goes with my room and i am slowly adding some colour into my life with these pillows i got from ikea and a purple blanket. can't wait to share the rest of my room makeover here :) 

new eyeshadow palette!


i've already started my back to school shopping (i know, so early!) and one of the things i was looking for was a new eye shadow palette. i wanted to try out some bronzy/cranberry coloured colours and after searching through sephora's website i finally decided on the tarte tartelette palette in bloom. 

i have to admit, i was pleasantly surprised by how much i love it! i went into it with low expectations, almost planning on returning it. but after using it for about a week now i'm OBSESSED! i normally use my urban decay naked 2 palette exclusively, but i've been using this new one almost everyday. it has great pigmentation and lasts all day! and i think all the shades are perfect for fall. 

have you guys started shopping (or planning) for fall yet? hopefully i'm not the only one who's over excited for the season to change.

the best way to clean makeup brushes | pinterest win


i have a confession to make... i am the worst at cleaning my makeup brushes. gross, right? it just seems to be one of those things that always gets pushed to the bottom of my to do list, and whenever i do get around to it it takes FOREVER to get them looking kind of clean. i've tried using the mac makeup brush cleaner before with some success, but it took me so long to get the brushes totally clean. 

but i found a new hack that totally works (i swear) on pinterest and takes seconds to clean your brushes from all the build up product. i was so impressed with it (i was skeptical going in) that i thought i would share it here in case some of you have the same problem as me. 

so here it is: 

1 cup of warm water 

1 tbsp of dish soap 

2 tbsp of vinegar 

mix it all together in a bowl and then swirl the makeup brushes around in it. then rinse them off with some fresh water. and that's it. bonus: it uses household products so it's super affordable and i promise you it works!! i used it on my brushes and makeup sponge and it worked well on both :) 

hope this works for you guys! happy monday :)

original post can be found on byannagrace's blog here

is dating dead?


the dating subject is on my mind right now. i'm trying to get back in the "dating game" as they call it, and it seems to be harder than ever to actually date someone these days. i've waited patiently for months to just run into someone who might be worth grabbing a coffee with. but in world where more people pay more attention to their facebook updates than what's actually going on around them (myself included) that seems to be virtually impossible.

so then i joined tinder... again. i was so against it, but it kind of felt like the last resort. i've had a tinder account on and off for the last couple of years. and while i have met guys on there, it's never resulted in anything significant. this time around i told myself it was just innocent. i was just doing it to pass time, because i was bored. and who knows, maybe this time it would work out.

but i quickly found myself back in the same game i've played before. lot's of matches, but everyone wants "something casual". i want something more. an actual relationship. (shocking right?!). i think i kind of started out this whole thing naively hoping it would be like high school where people actually talked to the people they liked and went on dates. but today it seems like dates have been replaced with "netflix and chill".

so i'm just curious, is "netflix and chill" the next new 'dating'? do people get into relationships after doing the casual thing for a while. or are relationships just not a thing anymore? or are you just suppose to patiently wait it out for the elusive "one", however long that may take.

it just gets so frustrating when you know what you want, and you don't want to compromise yourself. but a part of you tries to be realistic and takes a look at what the dating world is really like right now and find yourself totally confused on what to do next.

those are my honest thoughts on dating right now. it's confusing. it sucks. i wish it was like 10 years ago, because i feel like it was probably SO much easier back then. then again, maybe it wasn't and maybe dating just sucks regardless of what generation you're from.... who knows.

is it too early to be ready for fall?


so it's no secret that fall is my favourite season. i have been patiently waiting for this summer to pass, but lately i have been so ready for fall to arrive! i have started shopping for back to school/fall clothing (side note: am i too old to be "back to school shopping"?) and it has made me even more eager for cooler weather so i can start wearing some of my new sweaters. i'm also ready for pumpkin everything and for the leaves to change colour. i know realistically we still have a couple more months of summer... but i would be 100% ok if it came early.

recreating evenings i love


image found on tumblr

i have been lucky enough to have the house to myself the last week and a half and i have been loving it so, so much! (sorry fam). it has reminded me so much of my time at my own apartment. quiet mornings, drinking tea and going through emails on the sofa. everything stays relatively clean (except for the dishes, which are always my downfall). evenings spend lounging on the sofa, candles lit, music playing in the background.

time spent alone like this is so good for my soul. i always feel most recharged and calm after a few days by myself. feeling very thankful right now.

xo, liz

finding new coffee shops


i was so excited to finally get a chance to check out this new coffee shop in town the other week! it's run by the same people who opened my all time favourite coffee shop and this place is just a bigger and brighter version of that! now if only i could figure out how to recreate their london fog at home...

fishtail milkmaid braids


i dare you to say that five times fast! the other week i wanted to do something different with my hair and decided to give the old milkmaid braid a try. for some reason i always find this hairstyle super hard to pull off. it almost feels childish to me.... i don't know why. but i decided to commit to it for the day and i ended up really liking it. tutorial that i followed found here.

new hair: bardot vibes


so the other day i somehow got in my mind that i needed to look up bangs on pinterest. two hours later after looking through almost every picture available i then decided that i needed bangs. asap. i thought about cutting them myself, but quickly talked myself out of that idea (thank goodness). so the next day i called and booked the next available appointment at my hair salon (which happened to be an hour late). and now i have bangs. at first i hated them. now they’re growing on me. this is yet another example of my every changing (almost always impulsive) hair decisions.