the reason for some radio silence over here


a screen shot i took while watch the office this week

it's been rather quiet on this blog the last month or so... life has been very busy. but things have settled down for the moment and i am excited to document a bit of what my life has been like lately.

i have just finished my last project for this semester (yay!!), and have decided to treat my self to a trip to my favourite cafe, dvlb, for a london fog and 'kitchen sink' cookie. i think i mentioned on here before, but dvlb is hands down my go to spot in waterloo. it has a way of feeling like home... which is kind of a weird way to describe a coffee shop, but it's so true. i love everything about the place - the food, the drinks, the aesthetic, the music... it's all great. so naturally it is where i decided to go between classes after finishing a (very stressful) presentation.

i am so excited to close to the end of this semester. it has been crazy, busy, hectic, and challenging and i cannot wait for christmas break to come. finishing this last project today feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulder and i feel like i can finally breathe again.

aside from school being busy, the rest of my life has been put on the back burner and therefore has been pretty quiet. i am looking forward to a trip up to lindsay later this week and spending some time with family. i have been spending most of my free time on pinterest or tumblr, getting excited for christmas decorations and winter. we are decorating our house this weekend and i can't wait!

i have updated my sidebar and added in my 'winter bucket list' and can't wait to start checking things off! i love doing these bucket lists every season and i feel like it honestly encourages me to do things i always plan to do, but often slip my mind.

i hope things have been going well for all of my readers this past month. 💞