new content coming your way!


good morning friends! 😊

it has been WAY too long since i last sat down and typed up a post. but i am determined to get a post out this morning (and hopefully set up a weekly schedule or something that i can stick to).

first of all, happy 2017! i am so excited for all that is in store this year, i know it's going to be great!! this year i didn't set any 'resolutions' for myself because i feel like i've been doing a great job of getting my life "on track" and just want to continue to work on that.

when i say "on track" that really encompasses so much. the last few months have been really incredible for me. i have been working HARD at taking care of myself and learning to be happy (how cheesy does that sound, am i right 😂), but it's true!! i have been learning how important it is to take care of myself. and not just by watching tons of netflix. really paying attention to what i need and how i can fulfill that in a productive way.

i have also been prioritizing my faith and have been really excited to grow in this area. developing a daily relationship with Christ is something that i have always struggled with, so i am feeling very blessed and thankful to finally find a rhythm in that. and it has been a game changer!

recently i have been feeling inspired to start blogging more, and to come up with some new (deeper) content. i want to start blogging about topics like faith, self-care, my everyday routines, essential oils, natural health care, etc. it's a little different than what i've done before, but i'm excited to share this part of my life on the internet (typing that out makes it sound a little crazy).

in order to not make this post too long i'm going to wrap it up here. i just wanted to stop in, say hi, and let everyone know what types of posts are coming your way.

hope everyone has a great day/week!! 💕